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I bought Remembering Grace cautiously, as of course I was more interested in the work of Howell Conant than I was her. She is a woman I have never known much about but for some reason had always recognised the name. After opening this book and reading it cover to cover in one sitting I have realised that she was (and due to her career still remains) a beautifully fascinating woman. And Howell Conant’s work of course didn’t disappoint as always it is amazing to see and get lost in his images. Especially those of Grace Kelly. I cannot stop picking this book back up just to have a leaf through the pages. Breathtaking. 

The secret anti-abuse message only kids can see. I thought that this idea was pure genius. I’m a big fan of new ideas and clever thinking that improve on helping those in need.


19th century X-ray photogravures

Rebecca Smith, Collections Assistant, National Media Museum

These images date from early 1896, merely a couple of months after Wilhelm Röntgen announced his discovery of X-rays. The announcement caused a stir amongst scientists, and a craze for the new technology amongst the general public.

Josef Maria Eder and Eduard Valenta published a portfolio Versuche über Photographie mittelst der Röntgen’schen Strahlen containing 15 photogravures and an accompanying essay - we have a complete example of this portfolio in the National Photography Collection.

See more of these incredible 19th century X-ray photogravures on the National Media Museum blog.

Very cool, it must of been so amazing at the time to discover x-rays were possible


Woman on waterskis, 1950.

love this image!!


Woman on waterskis, 1950.

love this image!!

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Three of my own put together, I really like these, such a nice clean finish.

Your beautiful eyes

I love looking at these, they remind me of sand dunes, or seaweed or waves. The shapes and colours are all so beautiful close up. I love being able to see the details of eyes.

New Job!!! I Got A New Job!!! 

Just thought I’d mention it… 

I can’t concentrate on anything just now. The dream is getting closer. Its right there. I can almost touch it. But now its just a waiting game. Just sitting waiting for the phone to ring. For an e-mail to come through. It’s not even lunch time yet. It might not even be today. It might not even happen. I don’t enjoy the wait.



Creating modular technology is far from a radical idea, but Phonebloks is a fun concept.

Interesting idea…

not one of my usual posts, but this looks like a really interesting idea, pretty genius really

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I suppose, or rather I know that my main obsessions/influences within the photographic world are war and fashion. Or perhaps fashion and war. They are such odd things to pair together yet at the same time seem to fit perfectly naturally. We live in a strange world. A world caught in time. Caught in stills. Forever preserved on little bits of paper.